Up and coming – New Blog

Hi peeps! Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I am currently in the process of moving my blog to another platform with my own domain name but it takes quite a lot of time to figure out how everything works.. especially when I have no clue about computer technology or hosting. But it’s on its way and hopefully will be up by the end of the day!

I still have a few Alicante posts for you left, particularly a series of snapshots from the biggest carnival of the year- San Juan, as well as my two final outfit posts. And finally much more from Sweden so stay tuned! :)

Hanna xx

A beautiful morning – Banana and berry smoothiebowl

IMG_7154One of the most silly, and I’m sure, most common excuses for not eating healthy is “I don’t have time”. More correctly I think, is the lack of imagination or willingness to change entrenched habits or ways. I admit that coming up with new and exciting ideas for meals is sometimes a challenge and I often fall-back to the usual and well-known but still, making those fall-back meals healthier is neither time consuming nor difficult.

Take this smoothie for example. Regardless of how little food shopping I have done, or how much time I have in the morning, I can always whip this together:

  • 1 banana
  • Handful of frozen berries
  • 1 cup of milk (Add a little cold water if you want it lighter, I usually eat mine with a spoon).
  • Whatever topping you happen to have in the fridge

To this basic recipe you can then add what you fancy- leftovers from yesterday’s salad is my favourite such as spinach or celery. Likewise with the toppings. Here I have muesli, chia seeds, flax seeds and crushed walnuts but that will vary depending on what I can find at home. Pretty much anything goes!


The Boyfriend style x Uppsala – A Day Trip

IMG_7093Ripped boyfriend jeans has been this year’s must-have, winter and spring likewise. But I have struggled to find a pair that give the slouchy, chill feel and yet look flattering- until these Ralph Lauren, Denim & Supply jeans I discovered on sale here in Stockholm. Within just a few days they have become my to-go to in the lack of sunshine, since my suitcase from Spain was filled with solely summer clothes.

Yesterday we took a trip to Uppsala- the nearest city to Stockholm, approximately an hour’s drive, which is filled with students, bicycles and old historical buildings.

Hanna xx




IMG_7128IMG_7120Jeans: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren / T-shirt: Zara / Shoes: Steve Madden / Old sweater from H&M. 


On the Rocks


One last outfit post for you from Alicante with this gorgeous swimsuit from ASOS – may be one of the most daring pieces I’ve worn but I much prefer it to a bikini (once the tan has settled) and I just love the cut.


Wearing: ASOS swimsuit / RayBan Clubmasters / Hat: Dune / Vintage Levi’s shorts / Bag: Vera Pelle

Back home – Ulriksdals Slottstradgard

IMG_6979The London lifestyle with all the endless movement, chatter and changes is something I value to the fullest and yet, I think we all need to take a break sometime in a greener, fresher and more laid-back place. And Stockholm does it for me.

Sollentuna- only a 15 minute train ride from the very heart of the city is a suburb by the water, surrounded by fields and forests. This is where part of my family lives and where I will be spending the majority of my two weeks here in Sweden before heading back to London for graduation.

The other day I went to spend some quality time with my dear mother at the nearby Ulriksdals Slottstradgard- a large garden by the large, though not very exquisite, castle. The only day the weather has been shining since I arrived and the setting provided a gorgeous outdoors day with delicious lunch and long due catching-up.


Wearing: Skirt and cardigan from H&M / Top: Gilly Hicks / Necklace: Zara / Slippers: Steve Madden

A day in dungarees

IMG_6875These vintage black Levi’s have become a summer favourite of mine for sure. First I wasn’t really sure about the dungaree straps but now I find them part of the charm- not the normal pair of jeans shorts.

I am now home in Sweden for two weeks and whilst it is great to see family and friends, I already miss the heat of Spain and salty water. There is also a Yoyo frozen yoghurt down by the harbour which did the trick to beat off the heat in the middle of the day when the sun stroke is about to kick in!


Shorts: Vintage Levi’s / Top: ASOS / Sandals: Bertie / Bag: Pablo Martinez / Sunnies: Alehop